The ship sank in debt
( 19/10/2011 )
Financial Leasing Company 2 (ALC2) has about 77 ships are leased to customers with investment worth about 6,000 billion. The result after many years as the original loan of up to 4,300 billion VND 1,300 billion debt interest.
This was not a vessel is abandoned or seized by foreign countries.


Trai Thien Hai ship 08 and 86 are shelved in the port of Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City - Photo: Thuan Wins

We have about 10 ships ALC2 ocean for tenants are arrested in foreign ports. The fate of the ship silver ratio is very fragile and more likely to go without one again.

Having gone but not on

According to the survey, South Sea ships were contracted for ALC2 Co. South Sea maritime trade (137 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, HCMC) by Mr. Ha Khac Nhu to hire legal representation for more than $ 75.3 billion. In recent ocean voyage, the ship was arrested at the port of Padang (Indonesia) for port dues debts, unpaid wages sailor 8.3 billion. The vessel's outstanding ALC2 than 73 billion (principal) and interest over 28 billion debt. This huge wealth being the lessor and the lessee abandoned the legal situation is very tragic.

Sharing the fate of South Sea ships are vessels detained in port Seahome Sapphire's Male Maldives. This vessel is ALC2 for shipping Co., Ltd. Gia Hai (32 Dang Van Ngu, KP6, Nha Be, Vietnam) rental for nearly 90 billion. Several new ocean voyage, the ship Sapphire Seahome debt held by the partners, agents, owe a crew ... the amount of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Employers also ship over 85 billion ALC2 debt principal and interest on 28 billion.

The company also hired ALC2 Gia Hai ship and ship Seahome Shine also be agents, partners in Malaysia arrested by the inability to pay debts of up to nearly $ 700,000. That means debt principal and interest near 113 billion in debt which the charterer ALC2 unlikely to return.

Worse, the ship Star Long Thinh Joint Stock Company Atlantic Shipping (Dong Khe, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong) ALC2 hired nearly 80 billion, is being "house arrest" in the Philippines due to non payment debts with overseas agents and crew.

All four ships on forever at risk of development of international maritime law to address stakeholder interests. Return of the ship was almost gone.


Ship held in port Seahome Sapphire's Male Maldives - Photo: CTV

Tau is located edge ocean

According to our research, Trai Thien Company Limited lease and operates four ocean-ship of God 08 Trai, Trai Thien 68, Trai Thien 86 and 18 of ALC2 Dong Thap. However, the ship must be in the sun near the coast this year because Trai Thien Company fell into financial exhaustion, inability to work, while not ALC2 recovery plan.

On 11-10, we arrive at the port of Phu Huu (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) and witnessed the ships worth tens of billions are damaged by rust and weathering. In particular, Dong Thap 18 ship most heavily damaged, the whole deck was covered with rust.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Son Dong Thap 18 captain, said he and the crew of ships from the company late in 2010 and until the coast is exploited only eight shipments. Last train on cargo ships from the Philippines in Khanh Hoi ports (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) is located on 6-4-2011 and far shore. Looking at the ship on a "down," said Mr. Son meditation: "South all year, vessel damage is inevitable. We are also pleased to show mercy ships worth more than $ 70 billion must be included as scrap heap. "

Trai Thien on 68 ships, Captain Vu Thanh Yun said vessel returns the last shipment on 21-5-2011 at San Cai (Can Tho) and neo five because Trai Thien Company has closed, unpaid wages you.By early May 8-2011, train anchored at the port of Phu Huu and are exposed to the sun now. Since the signing of a charter ALC2, Trai Thien Company "to play" when the train runs only twice in Malaysia and two domestic flights and is located far shore.

Find the two ships Trai Trai Thien Thien 08 and 86, we are very surprised to not see anyone doing custodial duties. The construction of port workers are said sometimes to visit the ship and go. Two ships are also in a state of rust and decay overboard some parts of the deck. North Vietnamese Nguyen, Trai Thien 08 captain, said the ship was handed over to the crew ALC2 look. "The ships were worth tens of billions, but they considered junk" - he was pressing north.

The risk of loss of ship

According to the survey, the number of ships ALC2 are having trouble renting arrested, abandoned in foreign countries increased in number, result in losses, loss of ships is very high.

Talking to Youth, Nguyen Ngoc Tien, general manager ALC2, said customers have voiced for help, thanks to the support and request payment of the debt to fix, rescue boats on the water.However, after repeated application for registration reviews, State Bank has written the definitive answer: "The ALC2 advance request to pay a cost share amounts owed by the lessee vessel crew members, application costs only Still the operation of ships and these costs will be recovered upon treatment with revenues from property leasing is no legal basis ".

According to Tien, the provisions of this ALC2 whether money can not spend money to save the ship. Since then, the foreign ship and institutions protect the rights of seafarers, foreign shipping agents ... arrested at risk of developing very large sales."After receiving guidance, we no longer intend to settle, withdraw the vessel again. Look on a ship in danger of degradation and loss, we also laments much "- Mr Tien said.



Cost billions to rescue the ship

According to our research, in 2007 the company hired ALC2 Asia South Asia to train operators and business. Then, for an Asian company Koreans lease (breach of contract). Recently, the ship Asia was provided by a U.S. company without payment of the purchase of oil and was arrested in Pakistan. Initially, the company paid U.S. $ 600,000 event owners, if not forever will ship. After each trial was error, the last owner to pay more than $ 100,000 was put on board. Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tien lament: "In this case the ALC2 to spend 1.8 billion to support client debt. Yet far ALC2 not earn a contract for the principal and interest and support of rescue ships. "

Resolved ship Asia, continue to spend more ALC2 10 billion to rescue the ship Phuc Hai 5 when the ship was arrested in Indonesia. According to the ship by Phuc Hai Co., Ltd. (Hai Phong) rent. May 5-2010, Phuc Hai Company offers boat rental for another company, by exploiting inefficiencies abandoned ship at the port of Colombo (Sri Lanka). Next, Phuc Hai company for another company to hire a foreign cargo ship. Take a tour, Asia abandoned ship at the port of Surabaya (Indonesia) because of heavy losses. By this time the teeth to bite ALC2 spend money to put the ship about. Mr Tien said: "The ship brought Phuc Hai 5 docked in Haiphong in catastrophic degradation. The company takes care of money, yards per day, while the ability to recover debts seem otherwise. "

A rescue ship is another expensive ocean vessel Hong Son.Ships by ALC2 for shipping companies and leasing to commercial exploitation of Quang Truong. On 2-12-2010, when ships are docked in the port of Chittagong (Bangladesh), the country's courts were arrested. The reason: the company debt Quang Truong Group Company Total amount of nearly $ 100,000. On 17-1, ALC2 to bring money through the payment of all debts of the company Quang Truong Hong Son to take on board. Mr Tien said this cost is not less than 10 billion VND, in which customers take part, take part ALC2 (receiving 5.6 billion debt).

H.K. - V.H.Q.


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